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Enhancing the Product Development Process via Design Progress and Knowledge Assets Management with Visual Design Evaluations

Pahng, Gundong Francis; Wall, Matthew // 2009
With the advance of IT infrastructure and computer-based engineering solutions in manufacturing enterprises, design engineers have at their disposal numerous computer-based tools and methods that ...

Establishment of an Open, Wiki-Based Online Resource for Collaboration in the Field of Product Family Design

Ciavola, Benjamin T.; Gershenson, John K. // 2009
Product and process platforming continues to be a fast growing and fertile field of research. To support collaboration in the field, we have developed a Wiki-based website that we hope provides a ...

Exploring Challenges for Innovation-Driven Virtual Enterprises

Parida,Vinit; Johansson,Christian; Bergström,Mattias // 2009
The procedure described here represents the basis for the development of pro le-like structures by the Collaborative Research Center 666 "Integral sheet metal design with higher order ...

Finding the right type of industrial collaboration for the right type of studio project

Liem, Andre // 2009
Within the context of design education, industrial collaboration is nowadays perceived as being a key driver for studio teaching. From the second or third year onwards, design studio planning and ...

Formation and Certification of Integrated Design Engineering Skills

Riel, Andreas Erik; Tichkiewitch, Serge; Grajewski, Damian; Weiss, Zenobia; Draghici, Anca; Draghici, George; Messnarz, Richard // 2009
Integrated Product Development is increasingly a challenge of understanding and predicting the complete product lifecycle, and of treating the product as a whole in all phases of development. This ...

Holistic Intellectual Property Protection of Virtual Product Models in Product Development Networks

Abramovici, Michael; Meimann, Valentin // 2009
Due to the increasing virtualization of the product development process a large amount of company-specific product know-how is stored within CAD models. The knowledge integrated in virtual models ...

Initiating engineers to distant collaboration: which scenario for a collaborative platform?

Masclet, Cédric; Boujut, Jean-François // 2009
The purpose of this paper is to address the problematic of distant collaboration training. It focuses especially on engineering education through the activity of collaborative design. We present the ...

Innovation design engineering: non-linear progressive education for diverse intakes

Hall, Ashley; Childs, Peter // 2009
This paper discusses the non-linear progressive educational techniques developed and adopted by the Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) masters degree at the Royal College of Art and Imperial ...

Integrative Engineering Design using Product Data Management Systems in Education

Gerhard, Detlef; Grafinger, Manfred // 2009
Today's students get a fairly good education in engineering methods such as Computer Aided Design IK(CAD) or Finite Element (FE) based analysis and simulation tools. All these methods are ...

Interdisciplinary Product Design and East-Asian Collaborative Design Education Program

Kim, Yong Se; Kim, Myoun; Kim, Kee-Ok; Lee, Seongil; Lee, Sang Won; Kang, Mujin // 2009
This paper discusses the interdisciplinary product design course aimed at teaching user-centered design methods for a novel products and services using interdisciplinary design teams. The ...

International Design Studio Project: Australian findings on preparing industrial design students for the global emerging economy

Novoa, Mauricio // 2009
Following a presentation in the previous EPDE 08 Barcelona Conference, this paper reports on the progress and Australian findings relating to an international collaborative and distributed design ...

Investigating the Use of Eco-Design Guides: Presentation of two Case Studies

Vallet, Flore; Millet, Dominique; Eynard, Benoît // 2009
This paper first describes barriers and success factors to implement eco-design in industry. The designing phase is critical for the integration of environmental issues. Methods and tools for ...

Learning to Collaborate During Team Designing: Some Preliminary Results fromMeasurement-Based Tools

Gero, S.John; Kan,W. T.Jeff // 2009
This paper reports on preliminary results of an explorative study of a protocol analysis of team learning while designing using in-situ data. Two measurement-based frameworks are proposed. One ...

London Design Map: Design Schools

Green, Stephen // 2009
Design is widely recognised as an important component of the creative industries (design based businesses), and as part of business innovation (an ingredient within successful business), both of ...

Lowering Barriers to Distributed Design Research Collaboration

Sirkin, David Michael; Sonalkar, Neeraj; Jung, Malte; Leifer, Larry John // 2009
This paper presents experiments that were undertaken at the Stanford Center for Design Research to enable remote participants to engage in weekly design research gatherings. The context of these ...

Management of Cross-Domain Model Consistency during the Development of Advanced Mechatronic Systems

Gausemeier, Jürgen; Schäfer, Wilhelm; Greenyer, Joel; Kahl, Sascha; Pook, Sebastian; Rieke, Jan // 2009
The development of mechatronic systems demands the close collaboration of engineers from different domains. In the course of the development, this leads to the creation of a number of separate, but ...

Managing Design System Evolution, a Particular Viewpoint: the Usage Lifecycle Management Concept (ULM)

Chapotot, Emilie; Robin, Vincent; Legardeur, Jérémy; Girard, Philippe // 2009
Today success of design projects depends on the ability to co-ordinate and to control the collaboration between the numerous actors participating in such projects. It is not enough to measure and ...

Methodology for Service Innovation in a Multi-Disciplinary Context

Almefelt, Lars. Gunnar; Rexfelt, Oskar. Karl. Martin; Zackrisson, Daniel; Hallman, Teres // 2009
Services? importance for the economy is increasing. However, services and their development remain under-researched in academia. This paper outlines the results of a project aiming to develop and ...

Modelling Co-Evolution in Design Practice

Smulders, Frido E.; Dorst, Kees; Reymen, Isabelle M. // 2009
Co-evolution is considered as a key characteristic of designing. Several authors have described design thinking processes as the co-evolution of design problem and design solution. Its theoretical ...

Moving New Venture New Product Development from Information Push to Pull Using Web 2.0

Marion, Tucker J.; Schumacher, Marinita // 2009
With the rise of global competition, innovation through new ventures and products are seen as a vital part of industrialized nations' quest to sustain economic growth. An integral part of ...

Observation, Annotation and Analysis of Design Activities: How to Find an Appropriate Tool?

Rasoulifar, Rahi; Meillon, Brigitte; Thomann, Guillaume; Villeneuve, François // 2009
Recently design researchers have been interested in observation-analysis approach to study design activities. In this way the annotation and annotation tools have been introduced to the design ...

PLM — Digital Engineering and Numerical Simulation for Collaborative Product Development

Kibamba,Yannick; Eynard,Benoît; Troussier,Nadčge; Derigent,William // 2009
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a strategic business approach supporting the collaborative management of product and process de nition information from concept to end of life. This information ...

Pressure and Trust in Competitive Engineering

Pulm, Udo; Stetter, Ralf // 2009
In competitive engineering the term "pressure" is used frequently. Design engineers often face time pressure or cost pressure. Pressure can be described as activities of individuals or ...

Problems and Chances in Industrial Mechatronic Product Development

Stetter, Ralf; Pulm, Udo // 2009
This paper presents deep insights into two different mechatronic development processes in automotive industry. The problems and the solutions were analyzed in detail by means of retrospection of ...

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