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Wachs, Marina-Elena (1); Hall, Ashley (2) // 2019
The demand for high value designed products created across the future European landscape will require new educational talents working seamlessly across integrated analogue and digital platforms while ...

Extracting and analysing design process data from log files of ICT supported co-creative sessions

Becattini, Niccolo' (1); Cascini, Gaetano (1); O'Hare, Jamie Alexander (2); Morosi, Federico (1); Boujut, Jean-Francois (3) // 2019
The observation of designers' behaviour in collaborative design activities and the analysis of protocols improved the understanding of how novel ideas emerge, what occurs among designers and, ...


Germany, Jason O'Neill; Lund, Justin // 2019
Designers have long embraced uncertainty as a profession. Iterative approaches to problem solving and a desire to develop these alternatives into a final concepts are the underlying structure of the ...

From invention disclosures to innovation - Challenges in transforming practice

Senni Kirjavainen and Tua A. Björklund // 2019
Adopting design thinking and innovation-oriented approaches in organizations is crucial but not always simple. New practices of collaboration, user-orientedness and exploration require a compatible ...

From Tinkering Methods to Design Thinking: Primordial Thoughts in Design Research

Menezes, Jean Henrique de Oliveira // 2019
Design thinking as explored by Bernard Roth from the Stanford d.School, Roger Martin from the Rothman School of Management, and the IDEO merger trio by Tom and David Kelley, as well as current its ...

Game-Based Learning of Knowledge Reuse in Engineering Education

Stenholm, Daniel; Bergsj // 2019
This paper presents an educational game fostering a new experience-based approach to teaching knowledge transfer using a codification strategy alone. The goal is to address and highlight some common ...

Global optimisation of car front-end geometry to minimise pedestrian head injury levels

Kianifar, Mohammed Reza; Campean, Felician // 2019
The paper presents a multidisciplinary design optimisation strategy for car front-end profile to minimise head injury criteria across pedestrian groups. A hybrid modelling strategy was used to ...


Leung, Winnie (1); Wang, Yun (2); Kim, Seong-Woo (3) // 2019
Over three years 2016-2019, three top universities in Asia have joint hands in offering a truly collaborative course ~ Global Product Development. Leveraging modern teaching tools to overcome ...

How to design for Joy / Satisfaction - Two different approaches on how to tackle the task

Atzberger, Alexander (1); Boffa, Eleonora (2); Montero, Joaquin (1); Paetzold, Kristin (1); Vajna, Sandor (3) // 2019
In the course of the IPD International Summer School, two teams addressed the topic of devel-oping an integrated product, with the constraint of it being joyful for the user. One team has chosen an ...


Whittet, Craig (1); Hale, Mark (1); Callaghan, Monica (2); Sanchez-Jauregui, Lola (2) // 2019
This paper will explain the process and background of the Product Design Engineering (PDE) Undergraduate project in collaboration with the Hunterian Museum. The project asked students to engage with ...

Improvement of collaboration between testing and simulation departments on the example of a motorcycle manufacturer

Sch // 2019
In testing and simulation departments in product development (PD) data types, data structures and data storage are often very different. Exchange of data and information is normally not automated and ...


Svennevig, Paul Ragnar; Thorstensen, Rein Terje // 2019
At the University of Agder (UiA), the civil and structural engineering students in the fourth semester have participated in an event called “Innovation Camp”, all years since 2012. Innovation Camp is ...

Integrating the product development process in scientific research. Bridging the research-market gap

Mesa, David; Thong, Christine; Ranscombe, Charles; Kuys, Blair // 2019
Science and technology generated by Universities has many challenges in reaching commercial product applications, as has been explored in a range of literature. Product design has been identified to ...

Integration Model To Support Configuration Of Product Architecture And Supply Chain Design

Atakulu, Israel Nnamdi; Shalpegin, Timofey; Wynn, David C. // 2019
Supply chain management is a necessary concept for manufacturing firms as it deals with the coordination and integration of interactions of collaborating partners to realize products. The product’s ...


Lindsten, Hanna Hellin; Auvinen, Petra Johanna; Juuti, Tero Sakari // 2019
rs do not develop curriculum independently of other stakeholders. Instead, the development activity is seen here as a joint effort of both internal and external stakeholders having a common goal of ...

Inventions and scientific discoveries: impact of designers? collaborations on creativity. An analysis towards fixation effects

Plantec, Quentin (1,2); Le Masson, Pascal (1); Weil, Benoit (1) // 2019
Scientific discoveries and inventions have long been established as two distinct and sequential activities. It has nonetheless been showed that projects aiming at producing both scientific ...

Investigating the impact of Spatial Augmented Reality on communication between design session participants - A Pilot study

Giunta, Lorenzo (1); Ben Guefrache, Fatma (2); Dekoninck, Elies (1); Gopsill, James (1); O'Hare, Jamie (1); Morosi, Federico (3) // 2019
SAR provides an unobtrusive implementation of AR and enables multiple stakeholders to observe and interact with an augmented physical model. This is synonymous with co-design activities and hence, ...

Matrix-Based Multivariate Analysis of Survey Data on Potentials for the Collaboration of Design and Simulation

Schweigert-Recksiek, Sebastian; Koch, Christian; Lindemann, Udo // 2019
Companies are increasingly forced to assert themselves in the market through efficient product development. Since use and potential of mechanical simulations have greatly increased in recent years, ...

Method Toolbox for the multidisciplinary planning and development of adaptive buildings

Honold, Clemens; Leistner, Sophia; Roth, Daniel; Binz, Hansgeorg; Sobek, Werner // 2019
Adaptive buildings constitute an interdisciplinary approach for realizing the next generation of buildings in order to reduce the immense material requirements and energy demand throughout all ...

Methodological Design: Effects Of A Morphological Approach For Different Students And Professionals

Zeiler, Wim // 2019
In connection with a design research project for professional in the Dutch building industry, an educational project was developed, the multidisciplinary master project Integral Design, to prepare ...

Nature-inspired design for self-organized social systems: A tool for collaborative communities

Lee, Sumin (1); Baek, Joon Sang (2) // 2019
This research was motivated by the need to design for self-organized and sustained collaborative communities. A collaborative community is defined as a group of people who are bound by a sense of ...

Navigating Matters Of Concern In Participatory Design

Brodersen, S // 2019
Among 75-90% of residents in Danish nursing homes are diagnosed with dementia. This article explore how a team of five 3rd semester bachelor?s design students sought to improve quality of life for ...

Observations on the Effects of Skill Transfer through Experience Sharing and In-Person Communication

Vestad, H // 2019
An essential part of any space in which physical prototyping and prototype-driven product development is being conducted is the education of its users in the necessary skills to fully utilise the ...

Open source hardware communities: investigating participation in design activities

Boujut, Jean-Fran // 2019
Open source design of hardware products is an emerging phenomenon that takes more and more importance today?s in the society. However, open source (hardware) design implies a tremendous change in ...

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