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Experiences Based on 6 Years of the E-GPR Course

Žavbi, Roman; Duhovnik, Jože // 2007

From Collaborative Practices Analysis to Improvements in the Definition of PDM Workflows

Merlo, Christophe; Pol, Guillaume; Jared, Graham; Legardeur, Jérémy // 2007

Implementation of a Light Knowledge Sharing Tool in Engineering Design

Beylier, Cyril; Pourroy, Franck;Villeneuve, François // 2007

Integration of Different Contexts in Collaborative Decision Making in New Product Development

Jankovic ,Marija; Le Cardinal, Julie; Bocquet, Jean-Claude // 2007

Presentation of Engineering Design Related Knowledge

Feldhusen, Jörg; Lemburg, Johannes // 2007

Real Time Resource Scheduling Within a Distributed Collaborative Design Environment

Whitfield, R.I; Duffy, Alex H.B.; Coates, Graham // 2007

Requirements for a Mobile Knowledge Management System in Engineering Design

Spiteri, Christopher L.; Borg, Jonathan C.; Cachia, Ernest; Vella, Mark // 2007

Team Composition to Enhance Collaboration Between Embodiment Design and Simulation Departments

Kreimeyer, Matthias; Deubzer, Frank; Danilovic, Mike; Fuchs, Stefan Daniel; Herfeld, Ulrich; Lindemann, Udo // 2007

The Use of Concept Mapping to Support Collaborative Advanced Design Projects

Rambo, Jürgen; Schendel, Christoph; Richter, Marc // 2007

Tug Together - Supportive Tool for Distributed Design Teams

Lauer, Wolfgang; Nißl, Alexandra; Braedt, Henrik; Lindemann, Udo // 2007

Understanding Patterns of Interaction Between Designers During Design Process

Vijaykumar, Gokula A.V.; Chakrabarti, Amaresh // 2007

Use of Wikis as An Engineering Collaborative Tool

Weerasinghe, Janaka S.; Salustri, Filippo A. // 2007

Wikis as a Cooperation and Communication Platform Within Product Development

Albers, Albert; Deigendesch, Tobias; Drammer, Moritz; Ellmer, Claudia; Meboldt, Mirko; Sauter, Christian // 2007


Neumann, A.; Badke-Schaub, P.; Lauche, K. // 2006
The paper discusses the value of researching team mental models in design to overcome potential difficulties in collaboration. The authors present an overview of the existing literature on team ...


McAlpine, H.C.; Hicks, B.J.; Culley, S.J. // 2006
It is common practice for designers in the UK to keep a personal record of their work in a paper-based logbook. These records represent a large amount of design related information that may not be ...

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  • +design +community
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  • +design community
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  • +design -community
    Find rows that contain the word “design” but not “community”.
  • +design ~community
    Find rows that contain the word “design”, but if the row also contains the word “community”, rate it lower than if row does not.
  • +design +(>community <decisions)
    Find rows that contain the words “design” and “community”, or “design” and “decisions” (in any order), but rank “design community” higher than “design decisions”
  • design*
    Find rows that contain words such as “design”, “designs”, “designing”, or “designer”.
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