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Cameraphones as New Design Tools

Farrugia, Philip; Borg, Jonathan // 2009
It is well known that at the early design stage, designers still prefer the fluidity of traditional sketching as means to express their form concepts, instead of the rigid, user-interface of ...

Co-Evolution of Products & Communities in Mass Collaborative Product Development: a Computational Exploration

Panchal, Jitesh // 2009
Mass collaborative product development (MCPD) refers to a paradigm where large numbers of people collaborate in the form of communities to develop products and services. The evolution of products ...

Collaboration Support System for Analyzing Individual Differences Based on Designers’ Idea Evaluation

Kobayashi, Masakazu; Higashi, Masatake // 2009
In our previous research, we focused on the creative aspects of collaboration and proposed an analytical method of ideas created by designers during collaborative design projects. This method ...

Collaborative Product Development: How to Make the "Buy Design" Decision?

Le Dain, Marie-Anne; Calvi, Richard; Cheriti, Sandra // 2009
This article focuses on the design or buy design decision process and aims at proposing a structured approach enabling to support the decision-making within a new product development (NPD) project ...

Collaborative Projects - a global survey

Eriksen, Kaare // 2009
Collaborative projects between educational institutions and external partners seem to be popular ways to prepare industrial design and design engineering students for professional practice. Such ...

Collaborative Student Centred Learning - Intellectual Property for Product Designers

Humphries-Smith, Tania // 2009
This paper fits into the topics of student centred learning and learning spaces and explores the question - How will the academic/industrial interface develop? At least a basic understanding of ...

Common Versioning of Product Data and Engineering Processes

Eigner,Martin; Nem,Mogo Fabrice // 2009
PDM/PLM (Product Data/Lifecycle Management) and Work ow Management (WM) systems have been established both as backbone for the management of product data and their related engineering processes.Both ...

Creating a Better World by International Collaboration in Product Innovation Engineering - The PIEp Way

Grimheden, Martin; Berglund, Anders // 2009
This article summarizes efforts undertaken within the Swedish Product Innovation Engineering program (PIEp), in the area of education for product innovation. A key aspect of the program is to create ...

Creating better communities: involving design students in regeneration projects

Schaber, Friedemann // 2009
How can University Design students pursue their studies imaginatively whilst making a real contribution to the community and built environment in an English Midlands town? The paper discusses the ...

Creative Environments for Innovative Learning Processes

Eriksson, Yvonne; Jerregård, Helena // 2009
Visual arte facts, such as toys, pictures in schoolbooks and advertisements affect children emotionally, and they are crucial as role model for their identity. Identity and self-confidence is vital ...

Cross-Disciplinary Practice in Engineering Contexts

Adams, Robin S. // 2009
Engineering design is inherently cross-disciplinary. Many complex design problems facing society today require cross-disciplinary approaches that integrate diverse perspectives into a collective ...

Decision-Focused Product Development Process Improvements

Eriksson, Joakim; Brannemo, Anette // 2009
Currently, there is little or no methodology or methods available to "process improvers" in product development which focus on decision-making fundamentals in order to improve the ...

Definition of a Knowledge Representation Based on Functional CAD Models

Bluntzer, Jean-Bernard; Gomes, Samuel; Sagot, Jean-Claude // 2009
How to merge the users' requirements into a complete design process has now become a reality. That is so in the automotive industry, from vehicle styling to specific facilities in connection ...

Design as knowledge creation

Allert, Heidrun; Richter, Christoph // 2009
Design as knowledge creation conceptualizes design as a process of open-ended inquiry aimed to create innovative products and foster deeper understanding of the design space. The model encourages ...

Design at a Distance

Holden, Georgina // 2009
The Open University has been teaching design at a distance for three decades. In this time delivery mechanisms have changed from non-interactive broadcasts to interactive media. A new generation of ...

Design Thinking Challenges in Education

Ericson, Åsa; Bergström, Mattias; Larsson, Andreas; Törlind, Peter // 2009
Product development processes are commonly represented in sequential models covering the necessary stages from planning to product rollout, while processes to take needs into the development ...

Developing IDPEO - a Multidisciplinary Approach to Product Realization

Wiktorsson, Magnus; Wikström, Anders; Jackson, Mats; Ekman, Sten // 2009
On the background of a changing industrial landscape and key elements of the realization of complex integrated products, this paper discuss and explore an "innovative" approach towards ...

Development of Mathematical Models for Secure Collaboration in Product Lifecycle Management

Liu, Wei; Wang, Min; Zhang, Da Yong; Zeng, Yong // 2009
This paper formalizes product lifecycle management (PLM) based on axiomatic theory of design modeling. Collaboration and secure collaboration issues in PLM are of major concern. Mathematical models ...

Does sponsored studio teaching undermine or facilitate the growth of the design profession?

Liem, Andre // 2009
Changing technologies, attitudes and perceptions within industry and society has continuously stimulated and challenged the design profession. For some actors and organisations in the design field, ...

Domain-Spanning Design Tools for Heterogeneous Systems

Brix, Torsten; Reeßing, Michael // 2009
In the past it was often adequate to assemble an overall system from separately developed and optimized parts. However, recent developments in engineering show the need to integrate mechanical, ...

Ecodesign tools in design education

Lofthouse, Vicky // 2009
Over the last 10 years the Department of Design and Technology at Loughborough University has introduced over 600 design students to a suite of qualitative and quantitative sustainable design tools. ...

Education of NPD in Virtual Multi-X Environments

c.Vukašinovi,Nikola; Fain,Nuša; Žavbi,Roman; Duhovnik,Jože // 2009
Cost competitiveness, energy price, geographic dispersion of human, knowledge and material resources are forcing companies to outsource and spread the tasks among companies and partners all around ...

Engineering Design by Integrated Diagrams

Aurisicchio, Marco; Bracewell, Rob // 2009
The Design Rationale editor (DRed), an IBIS derivative, originally developed to support the capture of design rationale, has progressively evolved into a tool to map a unified information space ...

English Corner: Fostering International Student Collaboration Through E-learning Technologies

Bull, Karen Lisa; McCartan, Sean; Beck, Andy // 2009
This paper focuses on a CEPAD (Centre of Excellence for Product and Automotive Design) 'Framework for International Student Collaboration', and highlights the technological, cultural, and ...

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