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Prototyping — A Way to Think Together

Bergström,Mattias; Ericson,Åsa // 2009
The descriptive study presented in this paper is based on the empirical data generated by observing a global student design team. Their prototyping process are described and discussed to feed input ...

Role playing and collaborative scenario development

Diaz, Lily; Salmi, Anna; Reunanen, Markku // 2009
Collaborative design activity can provide creative design solutions as well as be a source of enrichment for all participants. Nevertheless, instantiating collaboration among team members coming from ...

Show Me What You’ve Got: the Influence of Combined Sketching on Idea Generation in Teams

Neumann, Andre; Badke-Schaub, Petra; Lauche, Kristina // 2009
The present study investigates the influence of common sketching in teams on the idea generation process in early concept generation. Thirty-six teams of three design students were given a small task ...

Strategies for the Collaborative Use of CAD Product Models

Ding, Lian; Ball, Alexander; Patel, Manjula; Matthews, Jason; Mullineux, Glen // 2009
Today, more and more companies are shifting from design and manufacturing to provide through-life support. Product models, as one of the most important types of product information, must be ...

Survey of Wikis as a Design Support Tool

Walthall, Carolynn; Sauter, Christian; Deigendesch, Tobias; Devanathan, Srikanth; Albers, Albert; Ramani, Karthik // 2009
The use of design notebooks has long been common practice for engineers and designers. Wikis, freely editable collections of web sites, are becoming increasingly popular as flexible documentation and ...

The Impact of Virtual Environments on Humans Collaboration in Product Design

Mengoni, Maura; Peruzzini, Margherita; Germani, Michele // 2009
Virtual Reality (VR) has quickly evolved over the last years in terms of technological and applicative dimensions. Human-Computer Interaction is particularly meaningful in the design activities ...

The Use of Open Briefs in Design Skills Development

Collins, Annick // 2009
To succeed in today's rapidly evolving industry, the designer has to be versatile, explore, discover and implement in the interest of the client. How can the nature of the design industry ...

Towards a New Disciplinary Framework for contemporary Design Practice

Dykes, Tommy; Rodgers, Paul Anthony; Smyth, Michael // 2009
This paper argues for a consistent and new design specific disciplinary framework that will provide a better understanding of emergent design practice. Design today is characterised by a blurring of ...

Towards Life-Cycle Awareness in Decision Support Tools for Engineering Design

Nergård, Henrik; Sandberg, Marcus; Larsson, Tobias // 2009
In this paper a decision support tool with the focus on how to generate and visualize decision base coupled to the business agreement is outlined and discussed. Decision support tools for the early ...

Towards Open Design: The Emergent Face of Engineering---A Position Paper

Koch, Michael D.; Tumer, Irem Y. // 2009
In today's society, collaboration between individuals and groups thousands of miles away has become increasingly common place. Due primarily to the rapid growth of broadband internet, cheap data ...

Towards slow learning spaces: a manifesto for design education

Boys, Jos // 2009
This paper outlines a series of projects bringing together disabled artists, architects and design students. Through collaborative work and debate, we have begun to develop new approaches and ...

Two professions divided by an un-common language - using 'CoLab' to improve collaboration between industrial designers and engineering designers

Evans, Mark; Pei, Eujin; Campbell, Ian // 2009
As two distinct professions working in the field of New Product Development (NPD), difficulties encountered during collaboration between industrial designers and engineering designers are widespread ...

University Industry Collaboration in the Development of PLC Training Material for Use in the Design and Development of Quarry Plant

McKeag, Dennis; Blakley, Jim; Hanson, Nigel // 2009
This paper describes programmable logic controller (PLC) training material designed and developed as part of a University Industry collaboration in the form of a knowledge transfer partnership (KTP). ...

User Centered Design of a Computer Supported Collaborative Work Environment in an Educational Scenario using Multiple Mouse Inputs: A Case Study

Reddy,Vamshi P; Singh,Kshitiz; Yammiyavar,Pradeep // 2009
Collaborative Education is a concept which is very uncommon to Indian School Education and not much content is developed in order for it to be implemented in classrooms. In this paper we present a ...

User-Designer Collaboration in the Design Process of Surgical Instruments: New Aspects for Annotation as a Communication Tool

Hisarciklilar, Onur; Rasoulifar, Rahi; Boujut, Jean-François; Thomann, Guillaume; Villeneuve, François // 2009
Today, collaboration is no more limited to the designers' sphere. Especially the design of products or systems dedicated to expert users requires the active participation of the users ...

Virtual Product Development Study Courses Evolution and Reflections

Zavbi, Roman; Kolsek, Tomaz; Duhovnik, Joze // 2009
The product development teams become organizationally, geographically and culturally dispersed over the globe. The strategic alliance of several European universities has formed an "E-GPR" ...

Workshops 2005-2008 for Dutch Building Industry: Collaborative Engineering

Quanjel, Emile; Zeiler, Wim // 2009
In the Dutch Building Industry sub optimal use of knowledge by participant during the design- and engineering phase causes building damage and hinders innovative designs and solutions. In 2005, a ...

A Task-Based Approach to Global Design Education

Wodehouse, Andrew; Breslin, Caroline; Farrugia, Philip; Grierson, Hilary; Ion, William; Sonalkar, Neeraj; de Vere, Ian // 2008

An Interuniversitary Education Concept for Collaborative Product Development

Feldhusen, Jorg; Brezing, Alex; Bungert, Frederik; Lower, Manuel; Yim, Hyunjune; Lee, Kuen // 2008


Jokinen, K.; Hajda, M.; Borgman,J. // 2008
Collaborative product development in company networks creates new requirements for product data management (PDM). All partners need access to correct and updated data to avoid unnecessary delays and ...

Comparing and Integrating Methods of Design Activity Documentation Across Synchronous and Asynchronous Modes of Collaborative Work

Eng, N. L.; Bracewell, R. H.; Clarkson, P. J.; Giess, M. D.; McMahon, C. A.; Conway, A. P.; Ion, W. J. // 2008


Hayes, J. P.; Knight, L. A.; Newnes, L. B. // 2008
This paper presents a study of engineering design groups that seeks to explain how knowing other participants can influence processes and outcomes in design projects. Literature on the role of ...

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