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The Innovation Boot Camp

Howell, Bryan; Skaggs, Paul; Fry,Richard // 2010
Faculty in the School of Technology at BYU believe that for students to excel in 21st century economies, cross-disciplinary interaction and innovation methods need to be experienced in each of
the ...


Rasoulifar, R.; Zolghadri, M.; Eckert, C. M. // 2010
This paper reports on the early stage of an EU FP7 project,CONVERGE, which addresses the efficiency and agility of the supply network of Electronic industry in the EU market. The final objective is ...

The Value (?) of BoP Protocols in Creating Institutional Sustainability through National Partnerships

Printz Moe Solveig Haukvik, Henrik; Boks, Casper // 2010
To make use of existing Base of the Pyramid (BOP) protocols it is important to understand what constitutes a BOP project. Most of the recent literature considers the transnational collaboration ...


Holley, V.; Yannou, B.; Jankovic, M. // 2010
In view to customer demand, today products are multifunctional. Soon in the choice of concept, these new integration needs lead to entangled and complex collaboration for the project team. To achieve ...

University-Industry Cooperation and Student Driven Projects: A Model for Educating Design Engineers

Håkansson, Anders; Holmqvist, Bengt // 2010
Cooperating with industry to create “real life” projects for students is a 30 year old tradition at the Department of Human Work Sciences at Luleå University of Technology (LTU). This paper ...

Using an Enrich Semantic in Design Structure Matrix (DSM) toGenerate Less Uncertain Concepts

Holley, V.; Yannou, B.; Jankovic, M. // 2010
In the context of new product development, highly constrained multi-disciplinary systems are difficult to design and generally lead to a non-optimal but acceptable solution (Seepersad, 2008). Such ...


Masclet, C.; Boujut, J. F. // 2010
In this paper we present an approach based on a the Delta Design serious game, that proposes a versatile design scenario. We focus on the modelling aspects of the design situation and particularly we ...

Writing in Design: Lessons from Lucerne

Nyffenegger, Franziska Katharina // 2010
This paper examines the use of blogs in the context of a new Swiss MA programme in design. Design students regularly feel ambivalent and openly reluctant about writing assignments. They lack casual ...

A case study on engineering faculty design projects

Begum, Margahan // 2009
There is an established trend in engineering education to incorporate a design component for preparing students for real life practice. A recent report entitled Educating Engineers for the 21st ...

A Decision Support System Designed for Personalized Maintenance Recommendation Based on Proactive Maintenance

Huang, Ying; Gardoni, Mickaël; Coulibaly, Amadou // 2009
Product manuals play a more and more important role in improving customer satisfaction. Many kinds of product manuals are developed to support the product utilization during the life of the product. ...

A Hybrid Negotiation-Auction Mechanism for Design Sourcing

Chen, Songlin; Tseng, Mitchell // 2009
The source of innovation is increasingly coming from outside instead of within, which makes it an imperative for companies to effectively source designs. However, design sourcing involves complex and ...

A New Computer-Aided Approach to Support Designers in Conceptual Design of Complex Mechatronic Products

Albers, Albert; Enkler, Hans-Georg; Frietsch, Markus; Sauter, Christian // 2009
As in every new development of complex mechatronic systems designers have to face several challenges. Especially in system design and conceptual design activities designers often resort to already ...

A Taxonomy of Collaboration across in Supply Chains

Zolghadri, Marc; Eckert, Claudia; Zouggar, Salah; Girard, Philippe // 2009
The success or failure of a product design and development (PD) project depends strongly on the right contributions from its various suppliers. This is specifically the case when these suppliers do ...

A transferable model for innovative joint postgraduate degree programme development

Maclachlan, Ross J. R.; Ion, William J.; Kochanowska, Rowena; Hansen, Saskia; Herstatt, Cornelius; Buse, Stephan; Galla, Randolph; Boer, Harry; Thorup, Pedersen, Lise // 2009
The Global Innovation Management (GIM) MSc programme is a 2 year, 120 ECTS, joint degree programme delivered and awarded by the consortium of the University of Strathclyde (UofS) in Scotland, Aalborg ...

Active Learning Project Sequence: Capstone Experience for Multi- Disciplinary System Design and Management Education

Ishii, Kosuke; de Weck, Olivier; Haruyama, Shinichiro; Maeno, Takashi; Kim, Sun; Fowler, Whit // 2009
Whereas team project-based learning of engineering design has attracted wide acceptance, it is still rare to see a curriculum that addresses high level societal needs involving diverse students with ...

Algorithm-based Transformation of Customer Requirements into Product Properties

Chahadi,Youssef; Wäldele,Martin; Birkhofer,Herbert // 2009
The procedure described here represents the basis for the development of pro le-like structures by the Collaborative Research Center 666 “Integral sheet metal design with higher order bifurcations”. ...

An Exploration of the Human Element in Collaboration

Hunter, Matthew; Salustri, Filippo Arnaldo // 2009
In this paper, the authors propose that there is an inconsistency in the understanding of collaboration and of the collaborator because of a contradiction between attitudinal and behavioural ...

An Integrated Environment for Shape Modeling and Fluid-dynamic Analysis

Bordegoni,Monica; Caruso,Francesco; Ferrise,Francesco; Ambrogio,Marco // 2009
In order to improve the performances of the overall design process of products, it would be beneficial the availability of computer-aided ools supporting conceptual design and simulation activities ...

Analysis of Virtual Design Collaboration with Team Communication Networks

Uflacker, Matthias; Skogstad, Philipp; Zeier, Alexander; Leifer, Larry // 2009
We present a design information system for persistent team communication capture and the analysis of trends and relationships in multi-modal, digital team information spaces. Based on traces and ...

Annotation in Design Processes: Classification of Approaches

Li, Chunlei; McMahon, Chris; Newnes, Linda // 2009
Collaboration among product designers, manufacturers and end users is a key factor for success in the design process. Effective concurrent design is determined by good communications. Design model ...

Assessing Design Methods for Functional Representation and Concept Generation: Strategies and Preliminary Results

Tate, Derrick; Agarwal, Aditya; Zhang, Linjing // 2009
To support collaborative conceptual design, methods for functional representation and concept generation are essential. Many methods have been proposed following various design theories, but little ...

Biomimetics as a Design Methodology - Possibilities and Challenges

Lenau, Torben A. // 2009
Biomimetics ? or bionik as it is called in parts of Europe ? offer a number of promising opportunities and challenges for the designer. The paper investigates how biomimetics as a design methodology ...

Bridging TDM and PDM Solutions Using JT in PLM Architectures

Bitzer,Michael; Eigner,Martin; Gerhardt,Florian // 2009
In the scope of ever growing complexity amongst engineering networks and products, application of Product-Lifecycle-Management (PLM) concepts has become an essential element in strategic enterprise ...

cADP Reloaded - New Experiences and Validation Approaches in Interdisciplinary Student Project Collaboration

Richter, Marc; Geis, Christian; König, Christina; Rambo, Jürgen // 2009
This paper presents the "collaborative Advanced Design Project" (cADP) and its use as an education and research environment for the development and validation of new work equipment (defined ...

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