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An Exploration of Some Aspects to Consider When Opening Futures

Isaac Arturo Ortega Alvarado // 2022
This paper follows the form of an essay, it offers a narrative review inquiring conceptually about opening futures. The main research question is: What concepts could help elucidate the new position ...

Analyzing Dependencies between Product Architecture and Module Drivers

Marc Zuefle, Christoph Rennpferdt, Juliane Kuhl, Lea-Nadine Schwede, Dieter Krause // 2022
A company's business model focuses on delivering personalized products or changing its offering to a Product-Service System impacts the underlying product architecture. Depending on the aim, ...

Are Confident Designers Good Teammates to Artificial Intelligence?: A Study of Self-Confidence, Competence, and Collaborative Performance

Leah Chong, Kenneth Kotovsky, Jonathan Cagan // 2022
For successful human-artificial intelligence (AI) collaboration in design, human designers must properly use AI input. Some factors affecting that use are designers’ self-confidence and competence ...

Bottom-up Component Rationalisation using a Dynamic Sharing Matrix

Jacobsen, Nicolaj Rolskov; Mortensen, Niels Henrik // 2022
This paper addresses the challenge of managing the complexity in product development and the supply chain in a company with highly customised products. This is done by proposing a tool to reduce the ...

Challenges and Opportunities for Enabling Mutual Learning and Collaboration in Design and Innovation for Sustainable Development in Africa and Beyond

Susanne Nilsson (1), Bernard Shibwabo Kasamani (2), Julia Hede Mortensen (1), Dunja Stevanovic (3), Michelle Wanyang (2), Margareta Norell Bergendahl (1), Panos Y. Papalambros (4) // 2022
Global collaboration and mutual learning in design are put forth as means to address the UN SDGs. This paper draws upon experiences in the Design Society’s AFRICA-DESIGN initiative to build a network ...

Challenges and Opportunities in Remote Prototyping: A Case-Study during COVID-19

Nuno Miguel Martins Pacheco (1), Anand Vazhapilli Sureshbabu (1), Elena Dieckmann (2), Maria Apud Bell (2), Stephen Green (2), Peter Childs (2), Markus Zimmermann (1) // 2022
Collaboration is common practice within design disciplines and beyond. Brainstorming, discussions, and prototyping tend to occur within the same physical space. The reduction of human interaction ...

Challenges Of Big-science: A Matrix-based Interface Model To Manage Technical Integration Risks In Multi-organizational Engineering Projects

Beernaert, Torben (1); Etman, Pascal (2); De Bock, Maarten (3); De Baar, Marco (1); Classen, Ivo (1) // 2022
Tomorrow’s big science systems are in development today. Success depends on global collaboration in which multiple international parties produce unique assemblies. Inter-organizational barriers, ...

Co-Designing with AI in Sight

// 2022
Artificial Intelligence offers a wide variety of capabilities that can potentially address people's needs and desires in their specific contexts. This pilot study presents a collaborative method ...


Petrova, Miroslava Nadkova (1); Geldres Piumatti, Ricardo (2); Canseco Castro De Steffen, Milagros Diez (2); Lucho Lingán, César Rubén (2) // 2022

Collaborative Modeling of Use Case & Damage Scenarios in Online Workshops Using a 3D Environment

Sergej Japs (1), Sebastian Schmidt (1), Frank Kargl (2), Lydia Kaiser (3), Aschot Kharatyan (1), Roman Dumitrescu (4) // 2022
The development of technical systems requires close cooperation of stakeholders from different disciplines. This collaboration takes place in workshops. Driven by digitalization and by the current ...

Coping Asynchronous Modular Product Design by Modelling a Systems-in-System

Marc Zuefle (1,2), Sabine Muschik (2), Nikola Bursac (2), Dieter Krause (1) // 2022
This paper analyzes the potential of crossdisciplinary collaboration in the methodical development of Modular Design by harmonization asynchronous mechatronic system structures. Subsystem boundaries ...

Creating a Multidisciplinary Collaboration Service-Learning Experience in Design Education

Sacha Joseph-Mathews (1), Marie Anna Lee (1), Nicole Kreidler (2) // 2022
The design process in most organizations is often collaborative and interdisciplinary in nature. Yet most institutions of higher learning do not offer students the opportunity to work in ...

Design Decisions in the Architecture Development of Advanced Systems: Towards traceable and sustainable Documentation and Communication

Pfeifer,  Stefan; Akgül, Didem; Röbenack, Silke; Tihlarik, Amelie; Albert,Bruno; Anacker, Harald; Dumitrescu,Roman // 2022
Documenting and communicating decisions is paramount during the system architecture development of Advanced Systems. Reporting design decisions properly is important since they allow decisions to ...

Design Reviews in Immersive and Non-Immersive Collaborative Virtual Environments: Comparing Verbal Communication Structures

Nikola Horvat, Marko Brnčić, Marija Majda Perišić, Tomislav Martinec, Nenad Bojčetić, Stanko Škec // 2022
The paper explores the differences between immersive and non-immersive collaborative virtual environments (CVEs) during design reviews. Based on ten reviews with one designer and two reviewers, the ...


Winfield, Karen Elizabeth (1); Sizer, Nicolette Dullesco (2); Siena, Francesco Luke (1) // 2022

Designing Long-Lasting Products: Barriers for Design Consultancies

Andreas Fenger Bendixen, Carina N // 2022
Past research shows there are significant barriers for creating long lasting products. In this paper we examine, the distinct collaborative barriers design consultancies face when striving to design ...


Watkins, Matthew Alan; Bathaei Javareshk, Maryam // 2022

Enabling Distributed Teams – A Process Model for Early and Continuous Method Validation

Katharina Duehr (1), Jana Grimminger (2), Simon Rapp (1), Albert Albers (1), Nikola Bursac (2) // 2022
Neglecting challenges of distributed collaboration can lead to significant efficiency and effectiveness losses in agile, distributed development teams. The EDiT method provides support for improving ...

Evaluation of the Impact of Collaborative Research on Robust Design Methodologies: A Large Scale Empirical Case Study with an Automotive OEM

Felician Campean (1), Amad Uddin (1,2), Jonathan Bridges (1), Steven Fannon (1), Unal Yildirim (1,3) // 2022
The evaluation of impact of collaborative research on robust design methodologies and methods is important to both academic and industry stakeholders. This paper introduces a framework for impact ...

Exploiting 3D Variational Autoencoders for Interactive Vehicle Design

Sneha Saha (1), Leandro L. Minku (2), Xin Yao (2,3), Bernhard Sendhoff (1), Stefan Menzel (1) // 2022
In automotive digital development, 3D prototype creation is a team effort of designers and engineers, each contributing with ideas and technical evaluations through means of computer simulations. To ...


VOß, Markus (1); BOZKURT, Hulusi (1); SAUER, Thorsten (2); NUTZMANN, Marc (2) // 2022

Handling the Complexity of Tool Selection Processes – Simulation Data Management in the Automotive Supplier Industry

Schweigert-Recksiek, Sebastian (1); Riener, Harald (2); Koch, Paul (1); Meier, Dirk (1); Daners, Andre (3); Krastel, Marcus (1) // 2022
Both the number and the complexity of numerical mechanical simulations are constantly increasing. This leads to increasing quantities and higher interconnectedness of the resulting data objects. In ...


Novoa, Mauricio (1); Howell, Bryan (2); Hoftijzer, Jan Willem (3); Rodriguez, Jose Manuel (4); Zhang, Wendy (5); Kramer, Nikolaj (6) // 2022

One Size Doesn't Fit All: On the Adaptable Universal Design of Assistive Technologies

Leila Aflatoony (1), Siniša Kolarić (2) // 2022
Occupational therapists modify mass-produced and universally-designed assistive technologies (ATs) to fulfill the specific needs of people with disabilities. We interviewed ten occupational ...

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