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The network topology of open innovation freelancing

Pourmohamadi, Morteza; Dong, Andy // 2013
eLancing is an emerging paradigm for outsourcing technical services wherein freelancers bid on projects posted in a large-scale online marketplace. When viewed in concert with other open innovation ...

The role of the design coach - a novel approach to achieving 360 collaboration between industry and higher education

Styger, Lee Edward Jan; Ellis, Ian // 2013
There is significant latent design talent within the broader business community, however, much of the design potential is isolated, and, lacks the necessary focus to manifest positive commercial ...

The value of design information in collaborative design networks

Mahlamäki, Katrine // 2013
Collaborative design requires efficient communication, but the value of design information for the collaboration partners is difficult to predict. The dimensions of design information value and ...

Towards an internationalised product design curriculum

Loy, Jennifer; Welch, Donald // 2013
Students starting their Product Design studies in Australia next year will be graduating into a very internationalised profession. Production has moved increasingly off shore, markets are ...

Training for reflective competency in design teams: An empirical study

Weixelbaum, Ilona; Badke-Schaub, Petra; Dörner, Dietrich // 2013
The need for flexibility in designers’ acting and thinking processes can be seen as a core requirement for successful design practice. For designers collaborating in a team gaining cognitive ...

Using knowledge based engineering to support the design of smart products

Luetzenberger, Johannes; Klein, Patrick; Thoben, Klaus-Dieter // 2013
lled “smart products”.As a sub domain of Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE), Design Automation (DA) builds on the idea of deriving the physical design of a product automatically from codified, product ...


Törlind, P.; Garrido ,P. // 2012
Collaborative tools today are not adapted to the real needs of the collaborators, instead the collaborators have to adapt to existing technology. This work explore the designer’s behaviour in ...


Maier, A. M.; Wynn ,D. C.; Andreasen, M. M.; Clarkson, P. J. // 2012
This article considers the creation and use of Design methods and process models from a cybernetic perspective. We suggest that a process model and method are similar in nature, in that they both ...

A DSM-based “2.0” system for human intervention planning and scheduling in facilities emitting ionizing radiations

Baudin, M.; Bonal, P.; De Jonghe, J. // 2012
To efficiently and safely plan, schedule and control its interventions in underground facilities which are subject to ionizing radiations, CERN is currently developing a collaborative Web-based ...


Gericke, K.; Blessing, L. // 2012
This paper presents a comparison of design methodologies and process models from nine disciplines.
The evolutionary development of the approaches, which can be traced back to similar roots, lead to ...


Galea, A.; Francalanza, E.; Farrugia, P. J.; Borg ,J. C. // 2012
Both stakeholder collaboration and artefact simulation are important for supporting innovation, the first through the availability of more ideas and the latter for analysing the feasibility of these ...

Breaking the Mould: Responding to the Growing Impact of Additive Manufacturing on Product Design Education

Loy, Jennifer // 2012
Twentieth century manufacturing was dominated by the demand for faster, cheaper, more efficient production. Standardisation, common components, design for broad markets, design obsolescence: these ...


Karvonen ,I. // 2012
Engineering is increasingly distributed to different organizations and locations, thus driving for collaborative engineering and enterprise networking. This paper analyses the characteristics of ...

Collaborative Creative Design Process in Medical Device Development

Privitera, M. B. // 2012
Designing and developing a medical device is a complex exchange of ideas and theoretical concepts requiring multiple disciplines working towards viable solutions. It requires collaboration and ...

Collaborative Stimulation of Memory Retrieval in Creative Design

Sauder, J.; Jin, Y. // 2012
Collaboration has often been attributed to encouraging creativity. This assumption is explored by investigating the influence of interactions between designers on creativity relevant cognitive ...

Creating an Innovative Attitude at Work

Eriksen, Kaare; Tollestrup, Christian // 2012
This paper focuses on the introduction of creative methods and approaches to the staff in a major public service institution in collaboration with design researchers and design students. The project ...

Creativity Comparisons between Japanese and European at the Concept Creation Stage

Gentner, A.; Bouchard, C.; Esquivel, D.; Oprea, G. // 2012
The study presented in this article aims to measure the impact of sensory, cognitive and affective modalities and the influence of designer‘s culture on the association of ideas phase during creative ...

Design Cognition Differences When Using Structured and Unstructured Concept Generation Creativity Techniques

Gero, J. S.; Jiang, H.; Williams, C. B. // 2012
This paper presents the results of measuring and comparing design cognition while using different creativity techniques for concept generation in collaborative engineering design settings. Eleven ...

Design Thinking and Aesthetic Meaning-Making: Interlaced Means to Engage in Collaborative Knowledge-Building

Zahedi, Mithra; Poldma, Tiiu; Baha, Ehsan; Haats, Tim // 2012
Engaging in knowledge building that is collaborative and that integrates design thinking among interdisciplinary teams is increasingly a means to innovate in product and service design and in ...


Florin ,U.; Eriksson, Y.; Orre ,I. // 2012
This is an investigation of design with informative and explanatory ambitions. The problem area involves possibilities and obstacles that accompany the involvement of artistic knowledge-in-practice ...

Designing Emotional Services for Underground Stations

Pillan, M.; Maiocchi, M.; Galli, F. // 2012
Underground stations, while offering necessary access points to public transportation service facilities, offer great opportunities of urban dinamization. The paper presents the results of a design ...

Designing interoperable lean, agile, resilient and green industrial ecosystems

Cabral, I.; Grilo, A. // 2012
This paper describes current research aiming at exploring the applicability of Axiomatic Design and Design Structure Matrix in developing a systematic methodology for collaborative business platforms ...

Differentiating Co-Design and Mass Customisation from a User-Completion within the Realm of Product Design

Bernabei, R.; Power, J. // 2012
Increasingly, the roles of designer and end-user are becoming blurred. Since the emergence of participatory design, the involvement of the end-user in the design process has continued to grow. This ...

Educational Practices for Collaborative Distributed Design of an Innovative Eco-Designed Product

SEGONDS, Frédéric; MARANZANA, Nicolas; ROSE Bertrand and CAILLAUD, Emmanuel // 2012
This article presents an academic experiment in the design of an innovative eco-product, by two Master's degree student teams from two universities. The originality of the work is that it promotes a ...

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  • +design -community
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  • +design ~community
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  • +design +(>community <decisions)
    Find rows that contain the words “design” and “community”, or “design” and “decisions” (in any order), but rank “design community” higher than “design decisions”
  • design*
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