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Main factor identification for early negotiation in product design

Ye, Yun; Jankovic, Marija; Bocquet, Jean-Claude // 2013
In organizational markets (B2B markets), the buyer and supplier companies often work together as collaborators in the context of an extended enterprise. As such a collaboration involves signing a ...

Managing multidisciplinarity – growing future creators

Håkansson, Anders; Holmqvist, Bengt // 2013
Preparing students for real life is a main issue for education programs. At Luleå University of Technology, (LTU), this is done by a range of different course layouts and course assignments. Students ...

Meeting the requirements for supporting engineering design communication - Partbook

Gopsill, James Anthony; McAlpine, Hamish Charles; Hicks, Ben James // 2013
The Engineering Design Environment is evolving in many ways. Considerable amounts of data, information and knowledge are 'building up' within engineering companies and engineers are becoming involved ...

Merging creative design and CAD learning activities in a product design programme

O'Rourke, Pearl; O'Kane, Colm; Smith, Leslie; Ring, Michael // 2013
Traditional learning and teaching methods for creativity differ from those used in a scientific context. Although the creative process can benefit from a certain level of prescription and structural ...

Missing miscommunications in interdisciplinary design practice

Torrisi, Vanna Savina; Hall, Ashley // 2013
Interdisciplinarity is a key ingredient in amplifying the breadth of design explorations and the ability to merge different perspectives is essential for the future of design innovation. Several ...

Modeling engineering interfaces in collaborative activities: A transactional model

Nicquevert, Bertrand; Boujut, Jean-François // 2013
In large projects such as the ATLAS detector at CERN, the complexity of organizational and decision making structures may endanger a safe management of such projects. An analysis of the ATLAS ...

Modeling the knowledge flow network for collaborative design process

Zhang, Zhinan; Ma, Wei; Liu, Gang; Chen, Yong // 2013
The design and development of a complex product involves various designers with multidisciplinary knowledge. Knowledge flows between individual designers or teams play a crucial role in determining ...

Morphological analysis of C-K’s C-constructs on design group creativity

Zeiler, Wim // 2013
The design of buildings is complex and requires the support of multi-disciplinary design teams. Therefore a supportive design approach has been developed; Integral Design. The Integral design method, ...

Multidisciplinary convergence about “product-use” couple: Intermediary object’s structure

Mahdjoub, Morad; Al Khatib, Ahmad; Bluntzer, Jean-Bernard; Sagot, Jean-Claude // 2013
Companies call for collaborative work practices and user-centered design approaches to consider use value and user experiences into product design process as a way to propose innovative products to ...

Obstacles and development of support for translation of configuration rules

Tidstam, Anna; Malmqvist, Johan // 2013
Collaborative product development is a method for reducing costs, but there is a risk of severe obstacles during the product documentation exchange. Product documentation for configurable products ...

Performance measurement in global product development

Taylor, Thomas Paul; Kristensen, Saeema Ahmed // 2013
An organisation looking to form collaborations across borders is a consequence of an increasingly competitive world market. Recent studies highlighted key challenges and success factors ...

Performance Measurement supporting Closed Loop Tolerance Engineering – an industrial case on tolerance and variation collaboration

Krogstie, Lars; Andersen, Bjørn; Verberne, C.J. // 2013
Tolerances and Variation are interlinked and omnipresent throughout any engineering organization dealing with design and manufacturing of physical artefacts, but is disproportionally visible in ...

Potentials for realising a consistent transition between functional modelling with the IFM framework and early system simulation

Eisenbart, Boris; Dohr, Fabio; Gericke, Kilian; Vielhaber, Michael; Blessing, Lucienne // 2013
Conceptual design is considered one of the most demanding design tasks requiring a joint effort of the involved designers, particularly in interdisciplinary design. Sound decision-making across ...

Proofs of utility, innovation, profitability and concept for innovation selection

Yannou, Bernard; Zimmer, Benjamin; Farel, Romain; Jankovic, Marija; Stal-Le Cardinal, Julie // 2013
Selecting innovative ideas or projects and comparing them in terms of their potential of value creation in business contexts is a fundamental design task. To that end, we propose to assess four ...

Reflection in design practice – quality assurance of practical training in product design education

Skjelbred, Bente; Berg, Arild // 2013
Students’ experiences through practical training can be used for curriculum development based on interactive research between education and work practice. To work collaboratively and reflect during ...

Sharing networked innovation approaches across companies

Maurer, Christiane; Valkenburg, Rianne // 2013
The paper discusses a workshop that has been set up to help companies that are struggling to get networked innovation projects started. In a guided one-day setting, three companies discussed their ...

Students practising realistic design process by collaboration of different disciplines

Huggins, Bernard James; Linda, Sara; Rane, Sham; Walle, Adam; Dougan, Chris // 2013
A pilot project was arranged between Product Design (PD) students at Glasgow Caledonian University and Engineering Design (ED) students at City University London. The assignment was to produce ...

Supply chain eco-information sharing in the product development process through computer aided design software

Mombeshora, Idai Mendy; Dekoninck, Elies // 2013
As decisions made during the design of a product have a significant impact on environmental performance, it is imperative that environmental considerations become an integral part of the design ...

Supporting communication in the supply chain with design rationale maps

Aurisicchio, Marco; Bracewell, Rob; Armstrong, Gareth // 2013
In modern engineering projects collaboration between organisations is increasingly common for the purpose of sharing expertise, technology, resources, risk and responsibilities. Design communication ...

Supporting teamwork in contract furniture design

Mengoni, Maura; Peruzzini, Margherita; Raffaeli, Roberto // 2013
Contract furniture design is oriented to develop customized products for the creation of a finished commodity for hospitality, offices, retails, restaurants, stores. It is assuming a growing ...

SysML-based model integration for online collaborative design of mechatronic systems

Fan, Hongri; Liu, Yusheng; Liu, Ying // 2013
This paper introduces an online collaborative design platform to support mechatronic design. SysML-based system modeling method is employed to support system level design. Based on the system model, ...

Systems thinking and connecting the silos of design education

Park, Hyuna; Benson, Eric // 2013
While the design industry is a complex and multidimensional landscape, the current design curriculum lives in stark contrast: linear and compartmentalized. University product design curricula are ...

Task furniture in education: design, science and industry creating solutions to support 21st century learning

Milton, Alex; Mc Mahon, Caoimhe; Dennehy, Simon // 2013
This paper seeks to describe the methods and initial outputs generated by the Task Furniture in Education (TFE) project, a Marie Curie FP7 (IAPP) Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways funded ...

The language of collaborative engineering projects

Hicks, Ben // 2013
The challenges of managing large, long-life, distributed engineering projects are discussed and the need to improve monitoring and control in order to reduce over-runs, improve productivity, better ...

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