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Customer integration in the pre-development stage of new products: Management process proposal

González, Mario O. A.; Toledo, José C. // 2013
The aim of this paper is present a process management support to customer integration in the pre-development of new products. The proposal was conceived from a literature review and case studies in ...

Design education; at the cross roads of different disciplines.

Tully, Robert // 2013
Design and design education sit at the junction of a number of different disciplines. The development and delivery of appropriate educational interventions requires effective collaboration between ...

Design expertise in three different collaborative practices

Kleinsmann, Maaike; Valkenburg, Rianne; Sluijs, Janneke // 2013
The work field of designers is changing drastically. A designer is not only a creator of products and technical artifacts, moreover he is an entrepreneurial designer who inspires and enables business ...

Design process commonalities in trans-disciplinary design

Qureshi, A.J.; Gericke, Kilian; Blessing, Lucienne // 2013
Contemporary product development has transformed from being mono-disciplinary to increasingly trans-disciplinary. Technology convergence and specialization of the knowledge are two distinctive trends ...

Design teamwork in distributed cross-cultural teams

Man, Jinfan; Lu, Yuan; Brombacher, Aarnout // 2013
In the recent decades, design teamwork in international teams has been taken into account to meet the requirement of product development with different cultural backgrounds in the context of ...

Design with the developing world: A model with seven challenges for the future

Kuhr, Rachel Sara; Otto, Kevin; Sosa, Ricardo; Raghunath, Nilanjan; Holtta-Otto, Katja; Wood, Kristin // 2013
Design with the Developing World (DDW) brings a unique set of challenges as it asks people with very different expectations to collaborate on sustainable system solutions. Scoping for these design ...

Designers’ knowledge in plastics

Eriksen, Kaare // 2013
The Industrial designers’ knowledge in plastics materials and manufacturing principles of polymer products is very important for the innovative strength of the industry, according to a group of ...

Designing and implementing a method to build innovation capability in product development teams

Ritzén, Sofia; Nilsson, Susanne // 2013
This paper presents a framework and process (MINT) to support product development teams that have an ambition to improve their capability to manage both radical and incremental innovation. The ...

Designing the difference in an inclusive way

Almendra, Rita Assoreira // 2013
This paper proposes inclusive product designing as a way of creating a more collaborative material culture and of engaging in a meaningful social dialogue among people. Illustrating the argument it ...

Developing business models for extended products in manufacturing service ecosystems

Thoben, Klaus-Dieter; Wiesner, Stefan; Gusmeroli, Sergio; Eschenbaecher, Jens // 2013
The growing demand for integrated solutions forces manufacturers of industrial goods to combine their products with service components to Product-Service Systems, or Extended Products (EP). The new ...

Empirical evaluation of flexible design concept generation procedures: A study in emergency services

Cardin, Michel-Alexandre; Ka-Ho Yue, Howard; Jiang, Yixin; Deng, Yinghan; Santhanakrishnan, Deepak // 2013
This paper presents the results of an empirical study of concept generation procedures enabling flexibility in engineering systems design. Evaluation of two educational training procedures (analogies ...

Encouraging sustainable urban access: an exploratory student approach to design of product service systems

Nikitas, Alexandros; Rahe, Ulrike; Karjalainen, Toni-Matti // 2013
Urban access is a key trans-disciplinary design axiom looking to ensure that every member of the society can reach those locations and resources one needs for a sustainable standard of living and ...

Enhancing product sensory experience: cultural tools for design education

Colombo, Sara; Gorno, Roberta; Bergamaschi, Sara // 2013
-product interaction, and how this can be exploited to generate more pleasurable experiences. A possible strategy to fill this gap is the creation of tools able to transfer knowledge from this ...

Enhancing supply chain collaboration in automotive industry by value driven simulation

Panarotto, Massimo; Larsson, Tobias C.; Larsson, Andreas // 2013
This paper presents a computer-based approach for conceptual design that aims to enhance collaborative supply chain development in the automotive sector when dealing with product-service development ...

Evaluating the failures criticality in collaborative design with suppliers

Personnier, Hélène; Le Dain, Marie-Anne; Calvi, Richard // 2013
Innovation helps companies to increase their competitive position. Suppliers are an important source of innovation. Thus, successful collaborations with suppliers in New Product Development (NPD) can ...

Implementing collaborative crowdsourcing in different design problems

Gabelloni, Donata; Montelisciani, Gabriele; Fantoni, Gualtiero // 2013
The new product development process increasingly involves multidisciplinary teams, that frequently do not belong to the same institution. Innovation often comes from external actors, as suppliers, ...

Improved design methodology practice: successful matching of tasks and employees

Hinsch, Malte Sebastian; Heller, Jan Erik; Feldhusen, Jörg // 2013
Choosing the right employees for a given task has great influence on the quality of the results and the time needed. Executives who have to decide, which employees are best suited for a task, often ...

Including product features in the development of engineering design processes

Ulrikkeholm, Jeppe Bjerrum; Hvam, Lars // 2013
Engineering companies offering customised products face growing demands to design products faster and more efficiently. To meet these demands, efficient engineering design processes for specifying ...

Indigenous product development based on contextual innovation and link to market

Boruah, Dipanka; Kakati, Vikramjit; Das, Amarendra Kumar // 2013
There are large numbers of products locally innovated to suit particular context. However these are never available in the market in absence of their commercial manufacture that can be mutually ...

Interactive modeling and evaluation of product-service-systems

Herzberger, Philipp; Behncke, Florian Georg Hans; Schenkl, Sebastian; Lindemann, Udo // 2013
Product-Service-Systems (PSS) are an opportunity for differentiation within the globalized producing industries. The design of PSS concepts challenge companies and question their generic business ...

Interdisciplinarity is a key to enhance the product development process - how students deal with it and how they evolve with it

Gerber, Paul; Krebber, Sönke; Langer, Ingmar; Röbig, Sinja; Sprenger, Susanne; Stocker, André // 2013
Interdisciplinary work is gaining attention not only in the academic landscape. Even at University where many different disciplines coexist in a minimum amount of space, the interdisciplinary work ...

Introducing nature analogies at the framing stage of design projects

Zahedi, Mithra; Guité, Manon // 2013
This paper reports on the effects of introducing biologically-inspired approaches at the framing stage of design projects. Biologically-inspired approaches involve application of analogies with ...

Is specialist designer an oxymoron? The value of specialisation in the design field

Gulari, Melehat Nil; Fairburn, Sue // 2013
“Jack-of-all-trades, master of none” is a figure of speech that suits generalists well. Having special knowledge is usually confused with being an expert. Does it mean that a non-specialist or a ...

Issues in organisation and management of multidisciplinary group design projects

Keating, Ken; Brougham, Claire; Gavin, Graham; Reilly, Ger // 2013
In education project teams that reflect organisational concepts considered normal in industrial design teams have a range of benefits for learning and graduate employability. They present a range of ...

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