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Waste as a Starting Point - How to Educate Design Students to Become Active Agents in Closing Material Loops

Ordo, Isabel // 2014
The Waste to Design project gives students a framework to do their thesis on trying to use industrial waste for new production. The first year of the project saw four theses, shedding light on the ...

When Global Design Meets European Global Product Realisation- Design Techniques and Challenges

Advani, Resham; Frost, Katherine; Gwashavanhu, Elton; Linda, Sara; Rane, Sham; Read, Matthew; Samatar, Mohamoud; Shafiq, Sultan; Sharif, Mohammed // 2014
This paper explains the effect of group collaboration via distance communication with the emphasis on designing a new product. It furthermore highlights the challenges and barriers encountered during ...

A case study on conceptual design of solar thermal collectors using a collaborative framework of engineering design and product design tools

Loumakis, George; Wood, Bruce; Birse, Fred; Burek, Stas; Kovacevic, Ahmed; Rane, Sham // 2013
The case study presented in this paper shows a project performed by undergraduate students of two UK universities on the conceptual design of solar thermal collectors. Such products are normally ...

A deep dive into creative thinking: The now-wow-how framework

Ericson, Åsa; Törlind, Peter // 2013
Innovation strategies are becoming even more vital for manufacturers that wish to turn their business into a service based one. Integration of product and service aspects in early design stages ...

A metric to evaluate data maturity to help decision making: Application in preliminary collaborative design of mechanical systems.

Drémont, Nicolas; Troussier, Nadège; Whitfield, Ian; Duffy, Alex // 2013
The design process is complex and dynamic due in part to the volume of handled data and models, the number of exchanges between the different design teams and businesses interacting during the. The ...

A multi-agent based framework for multi-disciplinary conceptual design synthesis

Chen, Yong; Liu, Zelin; Huang, Jian; Zhang, Zhinan // 2013
It is encouraged that designers should explore in wide multi-disciplinary solution spaces for finding novel and promising principle solutions to desired functions during conceptual design. However, ...

A system-level thermal design specification development of electronic products considering software changes

Muraoka, Yoshio; Seki, Kenichi; Nishimura, Hidekazu // 2013
Realizing the market demand for small size and fast processing speeds, thermal design is one of the major challenges in the development of electronic products. In addition, there are many software ...

A training strategy for managing distributed conceptual design work

Wodehouse, Andrew J.; Farrugia, Philip J.; Grierson, Hilary J.; Borg, Jonathan C. // 2013
This paper reviews how sketching can support distributed student design teams in the early phases of concept design. When working in the limited communication channels of distributed teams, sketches ...

Adapting the IFM framework to functional approaches across disciplines

Eisenbart, Boris; Gericke, Kilian; Blessing, Lucienne // 2013
Conceptual design is considered one of the most demanding design tasks requiring a joint effort of the involved designers, particularly in interdisciplinary design. The IFM framework intends to ...

An out-of-school design learning intervention for second level students

Creighton, Emma; Granville, Gary // 2013
This paper makes an argument for design learning as a framework to support the personal and academic development of second-level students. In presenting this argument the author discusses ...

Analysis of students opinion about a creative design experience by means of virtual sincronous teams

Mulet, Elena; Escamilla, Nathalie; Chulvi, Vicente; Garcia-Garcia, Carlos; Felip, Francisco; Galán, Julia // 2013
It is very frequent that in engineering design education students work in teams organizing themselves in face-to-face work meetings as well as by means of online applications to share documents and ...


Baelus, Chris; De Grande, Guido; Jacoby, Alexis // 2013
Design and design thinking is being recognized as a valuable approach in business development. Embedding its principles in the curricula of business schools can provide deeper insights to the various ...

Building agile design teams

Vignoli, Matteo; Ferioli, Gabriele; Steinert, Martin // 2013
One of the most common problem in many organizations that have reached considerable dimension and complexity is the lack of communication and collaboration between the different departments. When ...

Characterizing collaboration through online interactions within R&D communities.

Fraslin, Marie; Blanco, Eric // 2013
In global organisation, collaboration within distributed team is a crucial issue. Many companies are organizing communities of practice to improve experience sharing. These communities are mediated ...

Cloud-based design and manufacturing systems: A social network analysis

Wu, Dazhong; Schaefer, Dirk; Rosen, David W. // 2013
A Cloud-Based Design and Manufacturing (CBDM) System refers to an information and communication technology (ICT) system that facilitates design and manufacturing knowledge sharing between actors ...

Co-evolution of design tactics and CSCWD systems: Methodological circulation and the TATIN-PIC platform

Guerra, Andrea Luigi; Gidel, Thierry; Kendira, Atman; Vezzetti, Enrico; Jones, Alistair // 2013
This paper proposes a design strategy and a Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design (CSCWD) system, which have co-evolved together to meet the goal of improving the Preliminary Design Process ...

Co-ordinated engineering: Design innovation through operational collaboration

Vuletic, Tijana; Duffy, Alex; Whitfield, Robert Ian; Wang, Wenjuan // 2013
Operational Collaboration Model (OCM) has been developed to provide net based, location and discipline independent solution for the exchange of design technology, service and information. Its ...

Collaboration between industrial design students and industry: sharing of knowledge and intellectual property

Verwulgen, Stijn; Goethijn, Frank; Vankerkhoven, Vanessa // 2013
To optimize collaboration between industrial partners and students product development, specific agreements are needed for the protection and transfer of intellectual property created in e.g. master ...

Collaboration mechanisms for university-industry projects

Wodehouse, Andrew J.; Mendibil, Kepa // 2013
This paper outlines strategies for the effective implementation and support of university-industry projects. Sourcing projects from industry facilitates access to real-world problems, skill ...

Collaborative product design and development for commercialization of invention

Tan, James Ah-Kat // 2013
In this paper, the framework and process of product design and development and commercialization of an invention are discussed. A method developed by the author, the 3P Approach (i.e. ...

Combining rich user interaction with the personas technique in a student user experience design project

Corremans, Jan A.M.; Standaert, Achiel // 2013
User-product interaction has evolved dramatically over the past decades and has been the subject of many research activities. In an era where electrical components are replaced by electronic ones, ...

Compose or decompose - resource allocation in engineering design projects

Berglund, Anders // 2013
This is a paper that reviews the planning, execution and reflection of the collaborative writing efforts made by students when composing their final design project reports. Past research has ...

Consecutive inter-year team projects - a learning experience entity?

Green, Clare Ruth // 2013
Part of an ongoing research project on inter-year team-working in design education, this paper looks at the cumulative effect of consecutive group projects as a learning experience.
Design process ...

Context, collaboration and complexity in designing: The pivotal role of cognitive artifacts

Subrahmanian, Eswaran; Reich, Yoram; Krishnan, Sruthi // 2013
Designing progresses through continuous refinement of models. In today's design practice, these models get created and refined by multi-cultural, multidisciplinary teams that speak different ...

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