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Lindsten, Hanna Hellin; Auvinen, Petra Johanna; Juuti, Tero Sakari // 2019
rs do not develop curriculum independently of other stakeholders. Instead, the development activity is seen here as a joint effort of both internal and external stakeholders having a common goal of ...

Inventions and scientific discoveries: impact of designers? collaborations on creativity. An analysis towards fixation effects

Plantec, Quentin (1,2); Le Masson, Pascal (1); Weil, Benoit (1) // 2019
Scientific discoveries and inventions have long been established as two distinct and sequential activities. It has nonetheless been showed that projects aiming at producing both scientific ...

Investigating the impact of Spatial Augmented Reality on communication between design session participants - A Pilot study

Giunta, Lorenzo (1); Ben Guefrache, Fatma (2); Dekoninck, Elies (1); Gopsill, James (1); O'Hare, Jamie (1); Morosi, Federico (3) // 2019
SAR provides an unobtrusive implementation of AR and enables multiple stakeholders to observe and interact with an augmented physical model. This is synonymous with co-design activities and hence, ...

Matrix-Based Multivariate Analysis of Survey Data on Potentials for the Collaboration of Design and Simulation

Schweigert-Recksiek, Sebastian; Koch, Christian; Lindemann, Udo // 2019
Companies are increasingly forced to assert themselves in the market through efficient product development. Since use and potential of mechanical simulations have greatly increased in recent years, ...

Method Toolbox for the multidisciplinary planning and development of adaptive buildings

Honold, Clemens; Leistner, Sophia; Roth, Daniel; Binz, Hansgeorg; Sobek, Werner // 2019
Adaptive buildings constitute an interdisciplinary approach for realizing the next generation of buildings in order to reduce the immense material requirements and energy demand throughout all ...

Methodological Design: Effects Of A Morphological Approach For Different Students And Professionals

Zeiler, Wim // 2019
In connection with a design research project for professional in the Dutch building industry, an educational project was developed, the multidisciplinary master project Integral Design, to prepare ...

Nature-inspired design for self-organized social systems: A tool for collaborative communities

Lee, Sumin (1); Baek, Joon Sang (2) // 2019
This research was motivated by the need to design for self-organized and sustained collaborative communities. A collaborative community is defined as a group of people who are bound by a sense of ...

Navigating Matters Of Concern In Participatory Design

Brodersen, S // 2019
Among 75-90% of residents in Danish nursing homes are diagnosed with dementia. This article explore how a team of five 3rd semester bachelor?s design students sought to improve quality of life for ...

Observations on the Effects of Skill Transfer through Experience Sharing and In-Person Communication

Vestad, H // 2019
An essential part of any space in which physical prototyping and prototype-driven product development is being conducted is the education of its users in the necessary skills to fully utilise the ...

Open source hardware communities: investigating participation in design activities

Boujut, Jean-Fran // 2019
Open source design of hardware products is an emerging phenomenon that takes more and more importance today?s in the society. However, open source (hardware) design implies a tremendous change in ...


Brisco, Ross (1); Whitfield, Robert Ian (1); Grierson, Hilary (1); Bohemia, Erik (2) // 2019
As technologies evolve students expect to be able to utilise the same functionality they use for personal and social communication for their academic and professional communication. To support ...

Perceived Culture of Networked Knowledge Hubs

Mattila, Pauliina (2); van der Marel, Floris (1); Mikkonen, Maria (1) // 2019
While the construction of knowledge hubs has gained recent traction, little is known on how networked actors perceive their collective culture. Authors looked at the topic through a single case ...

PhD Research Learning in Product Architecture Design

Sankowski, Olga (1); Otto, Kevin (2); Moon, Seung Ki (3); Krause, Dieter (1) // 2019
The field of design research has been expanding into a wide diverse range of multidisciplinary topics. It takes substantial time for young researchers to attain a cumulative overview of state of the ...


Laursen, Linda Nhu; Haase, Louise M // 2019
Universities increasingly welcome student-industry collaborations. The rationale is, while the collaborating firm are introduced to new valuable knowledge, students gain experience with real life ...

Pugh Controlled Convergence and Social Choice Theory

Nicholson, John Morgan; Collopy, Paul // 2019
The Pugh Method of Controlled Convergence is evaluated based on social choice theory, both from an axiomatic basis, and by examining all possible cases of attribute ranks for a range of numbers of ...

Ranking absorption practices of knowledge for collaborative innovation: which is the ideal multi criteria decision method

Gendreau, Elizabeth (1); Benhayou-Sadafiyine, Lamiae (2); Le Dain, Marie-Anne (3); Summers, Joshua (1) // 2019
This paper focuses on evolving an absorptive capacity (ACAP) assessment tool designed to help firms understand their ACAP maturity in processing external knowledge. ACAP maturity is evaluated based ...

Reflection-in-Action when designing organizational processes: prototyping workshops for collective reflection-in-action

Wegener, Frithjof Eberhard; Guerreiro Gon // 2019
In this paper on designing organizational processes, we combine insight on reflection-in-action with the role of reflection and experimenting from the organizational routine dynamics literature. ...

Rhetorical design game for expectation alignment

Koskela, Mikael; Pikas, Ergo // 2019
While the form of building construction delivery known as Integrated Design-Build (or Integrated Project Delivery) is necessary for handling the complexity of modern projects, it raises up a host of ...

Robotic care: a low cost design to assist therapy for brain stroke rehabilitation

Prieto, Pablo (1); Auat, Fernando (2); Escobar, Maria (2); Vallejos, Ronny (3); Maldonado, Paula (4); Larrain, Cristobal (4); Serey, Martin (1) // 2019
A low cost robotic-assisted prototype for finger and hand rehabilitation of people affected by a stroke is presented. The system was developed by a team of undergraduate students led by a Design ...


Mattioli, Francesca; Ferraris, Silvia D. // 2019
The research is aimed at presenting the results of an experiment conducted in a Design and Engineering design studio, which is part of the curricula of a master course. During the experiment, a new ...


Ferrarello, Laura Filippa // 2019
This paper would like to describe how the practice of ethics and morality in design and engineering education can foster an industry ethically capable of tackling social issues. By describing how ...

Sprinting out of stuckness: Overcoming moments of stuckness to support the creativity flow in agile team settings

Shah, Ashni; Huidobro Pereda, Alfonso; Gon // 2019
Multidisciplinary agile teams working in fast paced, delivery-oriented sprint cycles of two weeks can experience moments of stuckness. Typically, these moments can be characterised by the inability ...

Student Reflections on Needs Finding in Community-based Design Work

Loweth, Robert P.; Daly, Shanna R.; Sienko, Kathleen H.; Liu, Jiangqiong // 2019
Reflection is an important component in design skill development that helps designers better understand their design problem, develop better solutions, and improve their design approaches. This study ...

Students' comprehension of design collaborations with external organizations

Gottlieb, Laura; Eriksson, Yvonne // 2019
This pilot study examines how design students comprehend collaborations with external organizations? the roles and involvement of different actors in a design process. The study looks at two ...

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